Digitalartsi Unlimited Lifetime Bundle
Digitalartsi Unlimited Lifetime Bundle

Digitalartsi Unlimited Lifetime Bundle

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Digitalartsi Unlimited Lifetime Bundle
Included in this package:
 1 Notepad file containing a dropbox link to Digitalartsi's ever growing clipart archive
 Over $600 value in unique graphics
Transparent PNG images
300 DPI
 3,600+ graphics
How it works:
Once you purchase this listing download the Notepad document that is attached. It will contain information on the bundle as well as a private link to Digitalartsi's clipart archive. New graphics will automatically be updated to the folder. This bundle gives you access to ALL of Digitalartsi's graphics, this includes any future releases. This bundle is NOT an unlimited license. All cliparts are still available for small commercial use. You may NOT share your link with anyone.
*Terms of Use:
These images can be used for small commercial (small shops) projects. Message me for larger projects. Credit not necessary but always appreciated. Please do not redistribute these images as your own works. See Terms on the front page for more information. Enjoy!

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