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*Terms of Use

All files are available for small commercial use.

Credit is appreciated but not required.

What you may do with Digitalartsi's small commercial use files:

- You may profit up to $1000USD using my works without a commercial license. If profits exceed $1000USD please purchase a commercial license. Contact me if you are interested in a commercial license.
- Uses for my graphics include: Educational materials, Therapy materials, Stationary Supplies, Prints, Patterns, Books, Website/blog aesthetics, Scrapbook Supplies, Apparel/Fabric, Product decor, Interior decor, Food decor, Game Design, Arts and Crafts, Boom Cards, Digital Planners, Jewelry, etc.

What you may NOT do with Digitalartsi's small commercial use files:

- Files may not be used for things that promote racism, sexism, ableism,
religious discrimination, or discrimination towards sexual orientation,
or gender identification.
- Watermarks may not be removed from sample files.
- Files may not be redistributed or claimed as your own works, IE don't take credit for my art.
- Files may not be traced or copied and redistributed with slight alterations. Derivatives are also not allowed.
- As of 8/4/2021 files may not be resized and resold as twitch/streaming
badges or emotes. I allowed it at one point but the more I sat with it,
the more it did not sit well with me. Shops with these types of
listings created prior to this time are allowed.
- Files may NOT be fed into AI "art" generators. My art is not your prompt!

Return Policy

I offer refunds up to two weeks after purchase, and only if there has been an error found with my art or if a duplicate purchase was made. I can also offer to correct this issue free of charge and replace with the appropriate files if preferred.

What qualifies as an error:

-Digital papers not tileable
-Incorrect DPI (all my files should be 300 DPI)
-Missing images
-Files downloaded are not as shown on sample image
-Wrong file format