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Hi, and welcome to Digitalartsi. It's funny, I've been an artist ever since I could hold a pencil. I love sharing my work with others and I hope my downloads help people in their own creative ventures. My favorite things to see done with my work are educational, storytelling, unique crafts and expressions of love.

I enjoy seeing what you do with my work! Aside from my clipart, I'm an artist for a game called Flight Rising. My general background before Digitalartsi was in the game industry. It is no longer my focus, but I enjoy games and I love their potential to tell stories and express unique universes.

I currently live with my husband, our two dogs, and two rats in Maryland. We hope to some day buy used farmland and rehabilitate it as a nature preserve. Digitalartsi was my idea to help fund this goal while still being able to work from home and manage chronic illness(which I have been winning the fight with, yay!). From a creative and personal perspective, I love music, oldschool animation, various facets of nature from mycology to ecology, cooking, travel, emotions, fantasy, occult, magic, and space. I try to derive as much inspiration as I can from my life into my art. You may see our dogs/rats from time to time. Anyways, thanks for your support. It's thanks to you that more and more artists are able to live off their work. Happy creating!

Please read the terms section at the bottom of this page, or contact me with further questions. If you'd like to see more of my work and get to know my process as an artist, feel free to follow my Instagram in the link at the bottom of this page.

Suggestions and help requests can be sent to

*Terms of Use

All files are available for small commercial use.

Credit is required for commercial use without a license.

What you may do with Digitalartsi's small commercial use files:

- You may profit up to $1000USD using my works without a commercial license. If profits exceed $1000USD please purchase a commercial license. Contact me if you are interested in a no credit license.
- Uses for my graphics include: Educational materials, Therapy materials, Stationary Supplies, Prints, Patterns, Books, Website/blog aesthetics, Scrapbook Supplies, Apparel/Fabric, Product decor, Interior decor, Food decor, Game Design, Arts and Crafts, Boom Cards, Digital Planners, Jewelry, etc.

What you may NOT do with Digitalartsi's small commercial use files:

- Digitalartsi's graphics may not be used for large commercial projects (profits exceeding $1000) without a license
- Brushes may not be used to copy my shop or items for profit
- Files may not be used for things that promote racism, sexism, religious discrimination, ableism, or discrimination towards sexual orientation, or gender identification.
- Watermarks may not be removed from sample files. 
- Files may not be redistributed or claimed as your own works. IE, do not take credit for my work or resell it even if you have a license.
- As of 8/4/2021 files may not be resized and resold as twitch/streaming
badges or emotes. Shops with these types of listings created prior to this time are allowed.

Return Policy

I offer refunds up to two weeks after purchase, and only if there has been an error found with my art. I can also offer to correct this issue free of charge and replace with the appropriate files if preferred.

What qualifies as an error:

-Digital papers not tileable
-Incorrect DPI (all my files should be 300 DPI)
-Missing images
-Files downloaded are not as shown on sample image
-Wrong file format