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Welcome to Digitalartsi! This clipart store was created in 2015 by Jane Cide, an artist from Maryland. Every graphic set is created by hand, and can be used for a myriad of different projects from scrapbooking to designing the layout of a small business. Styles include watercolor clipart as well as kawaii clipart. Commercial use for these graphics is allowed. Please feel free to read the terms section or contact me with further questions.

Suggestions for new graphics sets are always welcome. Don't forget to follow Digitalartsi's facebook in the link below for freebies and new product updates. Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

Suggestions and help requests can be sent to

*Terms of Use

All files are available for small commercial use.

What you may do with Digitalartsi's small commercial use files:

- You may profit up to $1000USD using my works without a commercial license. If profits exceed $1000USD please purchase a commercial license.
- Uses for my graphics include but are not exclusive to: Educational materials, Therapy materials, Stationary Supplies, Prints, Patterns, Books, Website/blog aesthetics, Scrapbook Supplies, Apparel/Fabric, Product decor, Interior decor, Food decor, Game Design, Arts and Crafts, etc.

- Credit is appreciated but not required. (Pattern sales require credit)

What you may NOT do with Digitalartsi's small commercial use files:

- Digitalartsi's graphics may not be used for large commercial projects (profits exceeding $1000) without a license
- Files may not be used for things that promote racism, sexism, religious discrimination, ableism, or discrimination towards sexual orientation, or gender identification.
- Watermarks may not be removed from sample files. 
- Files may not be redistributed or claimed as your own works

Return Policy

I offer refunds up to two weeks after purchase, and only if there has been an error found with my art. I can also offer to correct this issue free of charge and replace with the appropriate files if preferred.

What qualifies as an error:

-Digital papers not tileable
-Incorrect DPI (all my files should be 300 DPI)
-Missing images
-Files downloaded are not as shown on sample image
-Wrong file format